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short film

a queer comedy of errors celebrating young love and an ancient language. 

Filming in Cork City, May 2023

Written by Luke Murphy and Alana Daly Mulligan

As their Debs application deadline approaches, a closeted couple must sort their domestic issues as Gaeilge to prevent their classmates from knowing they’re an item. However, translation issues leave their relationship in jeopardy.

funded in part through the Bank of Ireland Begin Together Arts Fund in Partnership with Business to Arts

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the characters

Image by Muhammed Aslam Aslam


Main Character

playing age: 18

Sadhbh has been the same girl for the last ten seasons of her life: School sports star who has a quiet popularity. 


She knows where her footing is as the popular camogie star but were her relationship to come to light, she’s afraid of losing her footing. 


She’s been the same girl for the last ten seasons of her life but she’s worried that the unveiling of her relationship will have her relegated to the bench. 


Having Irish is a benefit to this role.

Image by Aserusainhuu


Main Character

playing age: 18

Anxious attachment style, bookworm, has a potential to be a super swot but isn’t particularly arsed, unless impressing her love interest. She’s learned Irish out of a need to be loved. 


Feels like she’s slowly going extinct much like her experience of the Irish language. 


Having Irish is a benefit to this role.

Image by Dan Dimmock

Bean Ní Ghráda

Main Character

playing age: 40-65

We’re not looking for a teacher of any particular age, we want someone who can bring sarcasm to life and disintegrate a student’s sense of self within milliseconds but who is a secret softie at heart.


Irish language skills are necessary for this role.

Image by Liam Arning


Supporting Character

playing age: 18

Broad shoulders, skips leg day. Seems to always have hurling training *that* day.


Has the quiet confidence to not follow the teachers’ orders when they say “everyone turn into your seats”. Brian knows he can get whatever he wants from life.

Image by Md Mahdi


Supporting Character

playing age: 18

Doesn’t say much, just emits culchie noises.


Usually loses in a battle of wits. He’d prefer to be at home playing Playstation playing FIFA.


He doesn’t really understand teenage girls but he knows that he’s been a possession of Ava’s since she decided that she wanted a boyfriend.

Image by Reno Laithienne


Supporting Character

playing age: 18

Massive “I’m telling teacher” energy, even at 18.


It’s all strategy though. She’s the kind of girl to give out to an onlooker as she takes a wee in public.


A constant aggravation to everyone around her. She’s most joyful when arguing.

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